DePuy Predicts 40% Failure of ASR Hip Implant

An internal investigation conducted by DePuy owner Johnson & Johnson shortly after it recalled the DePuy ASR implant has produced troubling results.  J&J estimates that nearly 40% of patients with the recalled hip will need it replaced within 5 years. About 1/3 of the 93,000 recipients of the DePuy ASR reside in the United States [...]

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Dietary Supplements: Helpful or Harmful?

A recent review published in the Journal of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition found that with a very few exceptions, dietary supplements offer no benefits to well-nourished adults eating a Western diet and may in some cases actually be harmful.  Dietary supplements are defined by law as products intended to supplement the diet that contain a [...]

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Bouncing Your Way to Injury?

Inflatable bounce houses are becoming more and more popular at children's birthday parties and other types of events such as amusement parks and fairs.  A recent study in the journal Pediatrics discussed the increasing rate of injuries associated with these bounce houses.  In the US, thirty children a day, or about one in every 45 [...]

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