Don’t Overlook Bikes When it Comes to Safety!

Throughout California, both in the cities and outlying areas, bicycles have become increasingly popular for both recreational and commuter use. In San Francisco, bikes flood special bike lanes on Market street, in the Mission district, South of Market area, the "wiggle", Golden Gate Park, and along the waterfront in specially marked bike lanes with traffic devices called [...]

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Kids Have Safety Rights, Too.

As we approach Halloween, children of all ages will be getting costumes and going door to door for treats while adults are also costuming and going to parties and celebrations. But as we too often read after a Halloween tragedy, there are safety concerns that do not appear at first sight. For example, many kids [...]

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Hershey Sued Again for Overtime Violations

In the economy of the day, many people are forced to work long hours. Many companies require them to do so and workers are reluctant to complain for fear of losing their jobs. Not all people are entitled to overtime because certain classifications of workers are exempt. However, sometimes people are classified as exempt from [...]

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