Practice Area: Product Defects


People are injured every day by defective products and the law provides that the manufacturer and/or designer may be liable for those injuries. Our society is consumer-centric and there is a competitive stress on companies to get products to market. This push for sales makes many companies value profits over people’s safety.

Brandi Lawyers thoroughly analyze each incident to determine ALL potential sources of liability, including whether a defective design, manufacturing defect, or failure to warn may have caused or contributed to the accident. Our work over the years with the industry’s best accident reconstructionists, mechanical engineers, and specific product specialists have provided us with a comprehensive understanding of the legal and scientific issues that surround defective product lawsuits.

Whether product defects occur from profit motivation, failure to adequately test, or one time manufacturing defects, Brandi Lawyers have handled all kinds – defective cars to defective drugs to defective pepper spray canisters. Regardless of the product, the way to succeed in these cases is to have the experience and resources to figure out how the defect occurred and how it should have been prevented.


Passenger v. Ford Motor Company – $18.3 million verdict

Our client, a 34-year-old musician, was a belted rear passenger in a 15-person van when he was paralyzed during a rollover due a defective seat latch.

Families v. Boeing – Confidential

We resolved this matter on behalf of 5 families that lost servicemen when their CH-47 Chinook crashed during a test flight in Iraq.

Doe v. Pepper Spray Manufacturer – $6.225 million

Our 22-year-old client was attacked by a Rottweiler while walking on the sidewalk, suffering major injuries including Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. Her pepper spray failed to activate due to a defect in design.

In re In Re Alaska Airlines Flight 261 – $3 million

Represented parents of an adult child killed when a defective bolt failed on a commercial flight, causing it to crash.

Firefighter v. Firetruck Manufacturer – $2.2 million

Fireman suffered severe orthopedic injuries and a traumatic brain injury due to a defectively designed drive shaft.

Motorcyclist v. Helmet Manufacturer – $1.6 million

Our client suffered severe brain injuries when she fell from a motorcycle when wearing a defective helmet.

In re Reno Air Race – Confidential

Wrongful death of a spectator killed by a modified P-51 air racer at the Reno Air Race.

Parents v. Vehicle Repair Shop – $1.030 million

Wrongful death of an infant due to defectively repaired brakes.

Husband v. Airplane Manufacturer – $1 million verdict

Our client’s wife was killed in a small plane crash due to a defective engine crankcase.

In Re Helicopter Crash – Confidential
Represented the families of 2 firefighters killed in a helicopter crash.

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