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Spinal Cord Injuries
A serious spinal cord injury is the most catastrophic injury a person will encounter. It changes one’s life in so many ways-in ways that it’s hard for able-bodied people to understand. Learning to cope with a permanent disability, such as paraplegia or quadriplegia, is one of the most traumatic events one can experience.

When a client sustains a serious injury, such as paralysis, the compensation available through liability insurance will not even begin to cover the initial hospital bills. There will still be months of in-patient physical therapy, occupational therapy and other rehabilitative therapy, surgeries and other necessary medical treatments, outpatient therapy and many other medical expenses. In addition, the family is faced with expenses from lost wages and the financial burden of many home modifications, lifetime in-home care and medical equipment.

Spinal Cord Injury Lawsuits Require Special Attention
Our spinal cord injury law firm works with medical and rehabilitation doctors, orthopedists, and neurologists to understand the full extent of the injury, the limitations the injured person faces, and the possible extent of spinal cord injury rehabilitation. We work with a life care planner to determine our client’s needs and with an economist to define the financial costs he or she will face.

We work to alleviate these financial burdens by maximizing the compensation injured clients receive. We thoroughly investigate the accident, including analyzing all of the component parts that make up the vehicle. In many cases involving paralysis, our client may not have suffered such drastic injuries had all the parts functioned properly. Our attorneys pursue compensation through product liability lawsuits, municipal liability claims and other litigation.

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