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Concussions can happen in any circumstance. Whether it is while playing sports, falling down the stairs or after a traumatic auto accident, every concussion needs to be taken seriously because it can eventually lead to serious problems such as post-concussive syndrome, epilepsy, post-traumatic vertigo, headaches or other cumulative brain effects.

A concussion occurs after you sustain a violent blow to the head and your brain loses its protection from the cerebrospinal fluid that cushions it against daily bumps and jolts. A sudden change in speed, such as deceleration or acceleration, can cause a concussion, and these types of brain injuries can result in bleeding.

Bleeding can cause minor symptoms, such as drowsiness or confusion, or major issues that could become fatal. Because brain injuries are internal, it is imperative that you or your loved one is monitored after your accident. Other symptoms of concussion can include:

  • Nausea/vomiting
  • Vertigo/dizziness
  • Confusion, acting dazed and confused
  • Ringing sound in your ears
  • Blackouts, loss of consciousness, amnesia
  • Headache or intense pressure
  • Delayed response to questions or slurred speech

Over a period of time, you or a loved one may suffer moderate to permanent side effects from the concussion. Experiencing changes in behavior, intense irritability, clumsiness, seizures, vision changes and other conditions could indicate a more serious injury.

Traumatic Brain Injury
Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is an umbrella term used to describe a number of different injuries to the brain, including concussions, with a wide range of consequences. Trauma to the brain can have lifelong and devastating consequences. Injuries that initially seemed minor could be much worse than they appeared, resulting in significant personality changes, loss of mobility and even death.

Injuries to some regions of the brain can impact personality; injuries to other lobes of the brain can affect motor function and mobility, sometimes leaving a victim unable to care for him or herself. In addition, a person with a brain injury may have lowered impulse control and may be unable to make decisions, manage money or safely return to work.
Brain injuries can be subtle, requiring a skilled attorney to convey the true impact of the injury on a person’s life.

Working With Experts
Our commitment to quality representation has led us to seek out the very best expert witnesses available to help show the extent and impact of your traumatic brain injury. The neuropsychologists, neurologists, cognitive therapists, rehabilitation physicians and psychologists we work with are leaders in their fields, coming from some of the most prominent health care organizations and institutions in the country.

In addition to expert witnesses, we also effectively use family members, friends and coworkers (both past and present) to help jurors understand how our clients’ lives have changed. People who are intimately familiar with the victim both before and after the injury are powerful witnesses, able to convey even the most subtle of personality changes to the judge and jury.

History Of Success
Our attorneys have developed a solid reputation for success when handling brain and head injury cases. We understand the serious consequences of a traumatic brain injury, and work to protect the rights of people dealing with these devastating injuries.

It is important to remember that it may be a while before you can determine how well a traumatic brain injury victim will be able to function independently. Be careful about bowing to the insurance company’s pressure to settle your case before the long-term effects of the injury are properly assessed.

Serious injuries – like traumatic brain injuries – affect more than the victim him or herself. They can have lifelong consequences for family and friends as well. We work hard to protect the rights and interests of everyone affected by the injury.

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