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Child Injury Attorney
Injury to a child can be devastating for any family. Mistakes by those responsible for the safety of children can result in serious injuries to your child. We are available to assist your family with concerns involving child injury, including:

  • Prescription drug errors
  • Child head injury issues
  • Temporary or permanent injury concerns
  • Playground injury lawsuits

A child injured by the negligence of others requires careful attention in the preparation and presentation of the case. Such a case is both emotionally charged and technically sophisticated. As experienced child injury lawyers, we understand the complex nature of medical evidence and we know how to present these medical issues to a jury. We strongly urge you not to risk your child’s future by working with inexperienced counsel.

Our goal is to see that you have the financial resources needed to meet the burdens associated with your injured child’s care. You want to do everything you can to help your child, and our job is to see to it that you can.

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