Practice Area: Personal Injury & Wrongful Death


In our society people are responsible for the injuries they cause and the law holds them accountable for their actions. Brandi lawyers have protected the rights and interests of injured people for decades.

Our experience provides the ability to effectively advocate on your behalf, and our reputation in the legal community is that we take significant cases and aggressively fight for our clients to obtain the compensation they deserve.

Brandi lawyers are skilled negotiators and have major success with those cases that go to trial. With over $1.6 billion obtained for our injured clients, we have earned our reputation.


Family v. State of California – $29,277,391.12 verdict
Horrific crossover accident striking a car carrying a woman and three children under 12. Two of the children were killed and the third was paralyzed and suffered permanent brain damage. The jury found that the State should have placed a center median barrier on the road which would have prevented this accident.

Pedestrian v. Driver, State of California – $26.6 million verdict
Our client was struck while in the crosswalk by a vehicle that had the green light. Evidence at trial showed that the State of California did not provide enough time for pedestrians to cross the street legally. Our client suffered significant injuries including a permanent brain injury.

Passenger v. Engineering Company – $15.3 million verdict
Our teenage client suffered severe brain injuries due to a defectively designed roadway.

Family v. City of San Francisco – $15 million verdict
We represented the families of an adult and four children under 7-years-old who perished in a fire that was allowed to spread due to inadequate maintenance in a public housing unit in San Francisco.

Pedestrian v. Driver – $10.5 million
Our client was struck by a left-turning transport truck while within the crosswalk. He suffered massive injuries requiring multiple surgeries as well as a traumatic brain injury.

Parents v. Camp Facility – $3.7 million
A 6-year-old girl drowned due to the negligence of camp staff.

Pedestrian v. Utility Company – $3.6 million
Our client was walking along the sidewalk when an underground transformer exploded, causing severe burns.

User v. Dietary Supplement Manufacturer – $3.4 million
Our client took a commonly advertised dietary supplement which was defective and required her to get a liver transplant.

Family v. Tire Repair Shop and State of California – $2.3 million verdict
Our clients lost their husband and father when he was killed by a combination of an inadequate road shoulder and the placement of two new tires on the front of the vehicle (industry standards require the best tires to be on the rear).

Motorcyclist v. Police Department – $2 million
Our client was stopped in traffic when she was rear-ended by an on-duty police officer, suffering significant spinal and hip injuries.

Wife v. Equipment Company – $1.4 million
Husband of our client was killed while operating a rented defective backhoe in his yard.

Parents v. Horse Stable – $1 million
Our clients lost their 5-year-old daughter when she was thrown from a horse during a lesson. Evidence showed that the horse was young, inexperienced, and the wrong choice for such a young rider.

Tourist v. Private Tour Bus – $700,000
Our Australian client was on a tour bus when it stopped short, causing a severe elbow fracture.

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