Practice Area: Elder Abuse


Our elderly and dependent adult population are vulnerable and California law recognizes that they need special protection. Brandi Lawyers are committed to helping the victims of abuse.  We understand the legal, emotional and medical consequences an injury can have on an elder or dependent adult.

Nursing homes and other facilities are often underfunded, which may lead to underqualified employees and too few staff members to take care of their residents. Improper staffing often leads to neglect or opportunities for abuse.

We help families hold negligent parties accountable for the emotional harm, physical injuries, financial damage, and even deaths they have caused.


Family v. Skilled Nursing Facility – Confidential Settlement
Our clients’ relative was allowed to suffer a stage IV bedsore which eventually led to sepsis and death.

Family v. Residential Care Facility – $750,000
Our clients’ mother died as a result of inattention by the on duty staff and nurses.

Family v. Alzheimer’s Facility – $500,000
The family’s mother was mistreated and allowed to be abused.

Family v. Residential Care Facility – Confidential Settlement
Our clients’ husband/father left the facility one evening only to be found passed away from exposure next door.

Family v. Residential Care Facility – $400,000
Our clients’ relative was struck in the leg by an attendant, eventually requiring amputation.

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