Practice Area: Defective Drugs & Medical Devices


Thousands of people across the United States are injured every year because of a defective drug or medical device. Pharmaceutical manufacturers have a financial incentive to push new drugs and medical equipment to market before they fully understand the associated side effects and dangers.

The FDA relies upon manufacturer reports of the safety and reliability of a drug or device and FDA approval does not mean a drug is safe. Brandi lawyers scrutinize the evidence to hold manufacturers accountable when they place profit over safety.

Brandi attorneys have repeatedly been court appointed to leadership committees for nationwide drug and device lawsuits because of our experience and commitment to our clients that any damages they suffer are compensated.


User v. Dietary Supplement Manufacturer – $3.4 million

Our client took a commonly advertised dietary supplement which was defective and required her to get a liver transplant.

6 Users v. Health Food Supplement – $1 million each

8 Users v. Diet Drug Manufacturer – $1 million each

Dalkon Shield
Court appointed to serve on behalf of plaintiffs in Dalkon Shield class action matters in Virginia. The 300 Dalkon Shield settlements totaled over $10 million for women with injuries ranging from infection, loss of organs, infertility, stillbirth, and septic abortion. Our results also included winning the Bell v. Dalkon Shield Claimants Trust case in San Francisco Superior Court with a $700,000 verdict for an infertile Dalkon Shield victim as well as Healy v. Dalkon Shield Claimants Trust which resulted in $1 million verdict for an infertile Dalkon Shield victim.

Member of the Plaintiffs’ Management Committee in the California Diet Drug Litigation where thousands of individuals were victimized by the diet pill combination Fen-Phen.

Member of the California Plaintiffs steering committee in the California Vioxx litigation and on the MDL Science and Discovery Committee as part of the national Vioxx litigation.

Appointed to the Plaintiffs Four Person Executive Committee in the Actos litigation where he is co liaison Counsel

Appointed to the Plaintiff’s Executive Committee in the California Fosamax litigation

Appointed to the Plaintiff”s Executive Committee in the California Yaz litigation

Lead counsel for the California Zicam Class Action by the Honorable Richard Kramer of the San Francisco Superior Court.

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