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Riders are at a disadvantage on the roads that are supposed to be shared with cars. They aren’t seen, they are cut off, and they are the ones that are always more severely injured. Bicycle matters have unique requirements and need a firm with specialized experience.

Even when the cyclist did nothing wrong, driver prejudice can come into play when dealing with an insurance company or a jury. Brandi Lawyers know that it is just as important to determine causation as it is to overcome inherent bias.

That is why we approach bicycle cases differently than our other matters. The only way to overcome preexisting bias is with evidence. We use the best human factors and accident reconstruction experts to explain why a cyclist was injured and what should have been done by the at fault party to avoid the collision.


Bicyclist v. State of California – $5 million
Wrongful death of a bicyclist who was riding with a friend on the shoulder. We contended that the State should have provided barrier protection for bicyclists allowed to travel on high speed freeway shoulders on bridge approaches.

Bicyclist v. State of California – $1.85 million
A 16 year-old was killed while riding her bike in a marked crosswalk that was unsafe due to the lack of signals and other devices warning of her presence.

Bicyclist v. Driver – Confidential Settlement
Our client was traveling legally within a bike lane when he was struck by a car exiting a driveway.

Bicyclist v. Truck – $1 million
Bicyclist was killed when struck by the mirror of a passing truck and then run over. The truck left the scene believing there was no contact.

Bicyclist v. City of San Francisco and State of California – $925,000
Our client was paralyzed after he hit a sign that was in a dangerous condition.

Bicyclist v. Driver – Policy Limits Settlement
A daily rider was forced to strike a right turning car that stopped short in front of him.

Bicyclist v. Driver – $489,000 verdict
Our client was doored while legally riding in San Francisco. The evidence showed that the driver failed to take reasonable steps to see the bicycle rider.

Bicyclist v. Driver – Policy Limits Settlement
Our client was doored when he was legally biking on the road.

Bicyclist v. Driver – Confidential Settlement
Our client was lawfully within the intersection when he was struck by a vehicle at high speed.

Bicyclist v. Driver – $100,000
Our client was proceeding straight through a city intersection when a car turned left right in front of him claiming the rider was riding unsafely.

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